Your guide to mid-size private jets: Longer range and superior amenities.


Nov 8, 2023

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    Making the leap to a mid-size private jet upgrades the flight experience instantaneously. City hopping turns into state hopping. A party of four doubles to eight. Limited executive seating transforms into spacious divans and an extra cabin zone. A mid-size private jet is a high end experience without compromise.

    Yet, even within the mid-size class, you have options. From the Gulfstream G150 to the Cessna Citation Latitude to the Embraer Praetor 500, whatever you choose, you’ll be able to fly nonstop at 2,500 nm or more and have the flexibility to land at more than 5,000 small airports nationwide.

    Whether you are looking for a private jet charter or investigating your ownership options, we explore mid-size jet features, specs, and prices below.

    What is a mid-size private jet?

    The mid-size jet class has a few standard performance specs and features:

    Passenger Capacity: 8 to 12
    Range: 2,500 to 3,000 nm
    Baggage Capacity: 130 cu. ft. or more
    Crew: 2 pilots + optional attendant
    Purchase Price: $15 to $20 million
    Private Jet Charter Occupied Hourly Fee: $7,000 and up
    Typical Features: Flexible cabin layout and seating, galley, lavatory, 6-ft. ceiling, in-flight connectivity, advanced sound systems

    Smaller classes include very light jets (VLJ) and light jets. Larger jets include the super mid-size jets, long-range jets, and executive airliners. The mid-size models perfectly balance the benefits of a smaller aircraft while enjoying the spacious cabin luxuries afforded with larger jets.

    Advantages of mid-size private jets.

    Amenities and comfort

    Mid-size jets come with abundant cabin luxuries, focused on creating a superior in-flight experience. Whether it’s soft leather executive seats that convert into fully flat berths or the ability to maintain low cabin altitude even while soaring at 40,000 feet, mid-size jets feature cabin interiors designed to feel spacious and comfortable.

    You can expect all jets in this class to have enclosed lavatories, high ceilings (some up to 6’ tall), and extensive galley options. Typically, they also have advanced in-flight connectivity and impressive entertainment options.

    Expanded range

    With mid-size jets, you can cover a cross-continental range of around 2,500 nm or more nonstop. Newer models in production are now hitting closer to the 3,000 nm mark. That makes flying nonstop from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. or even San Francisco to Honolulu a breeze.

    Airport access

    Because this class is still technically a smaller jet, it benefits from its shorter takeoff and landing runway requirements than larger aircraft.

    Instead of jumping between only a handful of larger airport hubs in the U.S., a mid-size jet means you can land at more than 5,000—getting you closer to where you want to go.

    Cessna Citation Latitude 

    mid size jet

    The Cessna Citation Latitude is all about spacious interior design. Whether it’s the extra large lavatory that feels more like a hotel than a jet, an unexpected 30 inches of legroom at every seat, or the six-foot headroom, the interior stands out among other modes in its class.

    The Latitude also promises a low cabin altitude of 4,950 feet, even while cruising at 41,000 feet. This jet can accommodate upwards of nine passengers and two crew and can hit speeds of 446 kts.

    Range: 2,700 nm
    Speed: 446 kts
    Passenger Capacity: 9 passengers + 2 crew
    Cabin Comforts: HEPA cabin air system, large galley option, large baggage capacity, connectivity, galley cabin controls, extra-large lavatory
    Price: $17 million

    Beechcraft Hawker 900XP

    Beechcraft Hawker 900XP

    Beechcraft manufactured the Hawker 900XP from 2009 to 2013, and it quickly became a standard in the executive jet world. There are more than 180 in operation today. It has two efficient turbofan engines, each delivering 4,660 pounds of thrust to achieve a max speed of 452 kts.

    Inside, the Hawker 900XP has all the inflight amenities you’d expect from a mid-size executive jet, including Wi-Fi, a galley, and a large lavatory with two separate cabin zones.

    Range: 2,733 nm
    Speed: 452 kts
    Passenger Capacity: 8 passengers + 2 crew
    Cabin Comforts: Two separate cabin zones, 6’ interior cabin ceilings, divan, galley, lavatory, in-flight connectivity
    Price: Starting at $5 million (pre-owned)

    Embraer Praetor 500

    mid size private jet

    Called the “world’s most disruptive” mid-size jet, the Embraer Praetor 500 can fly nonstop from Miami to Seattle or New York to Los Angeles. With seven passengers, it can fly for eight hours straight.

    But what sets the Praetor 500 apart is the worldclass cabin experience. With executive seating that fully converts into flat berths, ultra comfortable low cabin altitude, and state-of-the-art connectivity, the cabin ensures you fly in comfort and style.

    Range: 3,040 nm
    Speed: 466 kts
    Passenger Capacity: 9 passengers + 2 crew
    Cabin Comforts: Ultra-quiet cabin, best-in-class cabin altitude, state-of-the-art connectivity system, in-flight accessible baggage, seats that convert into berths
    Price: $17 million

    Comparing mid-size jets to other private jet categories.

    There are seven classes of private jets. Despite the name, mid-size jets are technically still a smaller type of private jet based on the core specs, including capacity, range, and cost.

    Type of Private Jet Passenger Capacity Cost Range
    Very Light Jet (VLJ) 4 – 6 $5 – $10 Million 1,000 – 1,300 nm
    Light Jet 5 -10 $10 – $15 Million 1,000 – 2,000 nm
    Mid-Size Jet 8 – 12 $15 – $20 Million 2,000 – 3,000 nm
    Super Mid-Size Jet 8 – 19 $10 – $25 Million 3,000 – 4,000 nm
    Large Jet 8 – 19 $36 – $50 Million 3,500 – 5,000 nm
    Long-Range Jet 12 – 19 $47 – $80 million 5,000 – 7500 nm
    Executive Airliner 19 – 200 $50 – $110 Million +10,0

    Considerations for choosing a mid-size private jet.


    One of the core reasons private jet owners invest in a mid-size jet is the range. With the ability to fly nonstop for upwards of 3,000 nm, this class becomes more than just a city hopper. Now, you can fly coast to coast.

    Passenger capacity

    Secondly, passenger capacity is a major consideration. While VLJs may be great for local weekend getaways, they can only carry four or five people. For greater passenger capacity, you’ll have to move up. Mid-size jets can accommodate anywhere from eight to 12 passengers.

    Purchase price

    Brand new, you can expect the price for a mid-size jet to start at $15 million. However, you will readily find many older models available on the used private jet market for significantly less. For example, earlier models of the Beechcraft Hawker 900XP and the Gulfstream G150 are frequently listed for $5 million.

    Operational costs

    Before purchasing any jet, it’s critical to consider the investment beyond the purchase price. The annual ongoing operational costs, which will accumulate whether or not you choose to fly, for a mid-size aircraft are approximately half a million dollars. Add in variable costs related to flights, fuel, and maintenance, and you can expect annual costs to hover around $1.5 to $2 million.


    Think about the comforts and cabin features you’ll want as you travel. Do you need in-flight access to your baggage? Would you like room for more passengers or a relaxing divan? A more extensive galley may be helpful if you plan to wine and dine on board. While range and purchase price may have a more considerable impact on your ultimate decision, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the luxuries that made you fall in love with private jets from the start.

    Mid-size private jet charters vs. ownership.

    It’s time to weigh your options. Should you stick with private jet charters or invest in ownership? The decision hinges on your lifestyle, financial standing, and frequency of travel.

    Mid-size private jet ownership demands more of an investment. Yet, it also offers unparalleled autonomy over how and when you travel. It guarantees discretion when you fly and control over every aspect, from the crew to the departure time.

    On the other hand, chartering is a more economical option. It still affords you much more flexibility and freedom than commercial air travel, not to mention increased privacy. But you will still be subject to market prices and jet availability, which won’t always work in your favor.

    How much does it cost to rent a mid-size private jet? Charter fees for this class usually begin at $10,000 per hour, though this can vary widely depending on the operator, daily deals, and add-ons. But, if you own the jet, one of the perks is a significantly reduced hourly occupied fee.


    How much does a mid-size private jet cost?

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    Depending on the make and model, a mid-size jet typically costs between $15 to $20 million. The price will also depend on whether or not the aircraft is fresh off the production line or pre-owned. Older preowned mid-size jets like the Beechcraft Hawker 900XP are frequently listed for as little as $5 million.

    What are the typical features of mid-size jets?

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    When you upgrade to a mid-size jet, you can always expect a fully enclosed lavatory and a galley. There will be four or more executive seats, possibly with a divan or seats that fold down into a berth.


    Today’s mid size jets also feature in-flight Wi-Fi and advanced entertainment systems. Beyond greater baggage capacity, many models even have full or at least partial baggage access from the cabin. Finally, for those who need more leg or ceiling room, mid-size jets regularly have six-foot ceilings and enough seating space to properly stretch out.

    How does range affect the choice of a mid-size jet?

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    Range is often one of the core differentiators between jet classes, as well as between models. The major manufacturers, from Gulfstream to Embraer to Bombardier, continuously push the range limits with every new release.


    In the mid-size jet category, most models can fly nonstop for at least 2,500 nm, with a few outliers, like the Embraer Praetor 500 and the Gulfstream G150, hitting 3,000 nm.


    With that said, the maximum range is often only possible under optimal flight conditions with a minimal number of passengers. Keep this in mind as you compare the ranges of mid-size jets.

    Are there options for customizing the interior of a midsize jet?

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    It’s possible to customize, to some degree, all private jets. Whether hot off the production line or preowned, you can choose (or update) furnishings, fabrics, and often cabin layouts.


    With new models, the manufacturer will have a set list of design options to choose from at the time of purchase. Whereas with a used model, you’ll need to customize it with third-party private jet designers.


    Beyond the coverings, mid-size jet designs benefit from more cabin space, which means there is more wiggle room to swap in major amenities or rearrange the furniture. For example, is it important to have space for more passengers or a divan to stretch out on? Speak with your sales agent to see what customizations are possible.

    How many people fit on a mid-size private jet?

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    Roughly speaking, most mid-size private jets will accommodate at least eight passengers, with a few models capable of up to 12. For safety purposes, most operators and private jet owners require two pilots, and you may also choose to have a flight attendant for in-flight service. Adding a flight attendant will reduce the maximum passenger number.

    Remember: the more passengers, the greater the payload, which will impact maximum range. Most listed ranges (2,500 to 3,000 nm) are estimates based on optimal flight conditions for four or five passengers, not eight or more.

    Mid-size jet: Elevating private flight to an artform.

    Mid-size private jets encapsulate impeccable design, impressive flight specs, and the ultimate luxuries into an exquisite experience. By balancing the advantages of a smaller aircraft and more airport options with the space and comforts of a larger cabin and extra amenities, mid-size jets are a balanced choice for private aviation.

    Whether you choose the sleek Cessna Citation Latitude or the “disruptive” Embraer Praetor 500, a mid-size jet ensures you always arrive in style. This jet class promises that every need is anticipated, whether traveling solo, with your executive board, or with your closest friends and family.

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