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Volato pilot job benefits.

We design pilot jobs differently. At Volato, we prioritize pilot happiness by building a culture around safety and work-life balance.


Work-life balance

  • Customized schedules to minimize pilot fatigue
  • Prioritization of pilot satisfaction
  • Standardized 8-day on, 6-day off rotation

Competitive compensation

  • PIC Year 1: $150,000 (HondaJet), $210,000 (Gulfstream G280*)
  • PIC Year 2: $170,000 (HondaJet), $230,000 (Gulfstream G280*)
  • Additional compensation for extra- and extended-duty days

Comprehensive benefits

  • 100% coverage for medical, vision, and dental for pilots
  • 75% coverage for medical, vision, and dental for dependents
  • Life insurance and short-term disability benefits

Exclusive pilot advantages

  • Company-sponsored 401K
  • Paid FAA Medical
  • Access to Known Crewmember® program

Culture of safety

  • ARGUS Platinum safety rating
  • IS-BAO Stage 3 certification
  • Priority safety training for pilots

Modern fleet

  • Operation of the largest HondaJet fleet in the US
  • Introduction of Gulfstream G280 jets in 2024
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Current pilot job opportunities.

Joining our team means stepping into a role beyond the stereotypical charter pilot job. At Volato, we cultivate a supportive and balanced work environment, placing safety as our top priority


Why fly for Volato?


Susan M.

"This is a new company that has an excellent vision for the future, and you get to fly state-of-the-art aircraft while surrounded by an amazing team. They are passionate, hardworking, empowered and dedicated to the overall mission of serving. Most importantly, the pilot group is backed by an engaged owner (who understands the demands of flying), a chief pilot who supports his pilots, and an operations center who is there to assist in any way needed."


Ronald L.

"My favorite part about flying with Volato is the respectable & trustworthy leadership, close proximity to home, schedule, and pay."


Antoine S.

"There's a lifestyle you get at Volato that is unmatched by other charter companies. It's exciting working with a company that has so many opportunities and benefits."


Gary B.

"If you meet our high expectations for experience and want to fly brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment while enjoying above-industry wages, benefits, and the best quality of life I’ve ever experienced as a Part 135 professional, then this is the only place to be."


At Volato, we firmly believe a diverse workforce fosters innovation and camaraderie. We are proud of our team and the associations we support. We’re excited to build a modern, future-focused company where everyone is welcome.

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