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Fractional ownership,

The only program that offers unlimited hours, a revenue share, a new fleet and the best customer experience.


Our approach to fractional ownership provides greater flexibility, access to the most efficient aircraft for your mission, a share in the revenue of your aircraft, and your ultimate experience, every time, delivered confidently for the duration of your ownership.

Our HondaJet and Gulfstream G280 aircraft were chosen precisely so you can stretch out in the largest, most comfortable cabins in class, supported by flight, usage and environmental efficiency. Our partnership with 4AIR ensures the CO₂ on every gallon of fuel is offset through programs that are verified and audited.

Our purpose is to help you live your best life, so rest assured that with Volato, you will always enjoy flying more.

Unique benefits of Volato’s
fractional program.


Fly as little or as much as you like: Who knows how many hours they’ll fly in five years’ time? Fortunately, with our program, you don’t need to. Uniquely, whether you have a 16th share or a full share, there are no restrictions or penalties on the number of hours you can fly each year


Earn revenue every time your aircraft flies a live mission: Share in the revenue generated by your aircraft every time it flies a live mission, even when you fly. This alleviates any stress of over or under using your hours, as you would experience with a traditional fractional program. Our unique Insider Program and Charter programs help fill the hours for maximum aircraft utilization, aligning our interests in maximizing the revenue generated on each aircraft, without affecting your access


Choose the most efficient aircraft for your mission: When you purchase a fraction in either a HondaJet or Gulfstream G280, receive guaranteed access to your aircraft class, but also priority access to the other, to ensure your most efficient mission every time


Enjoy the best customer experience: We were founded by experienced private travelers who saw an opportunity to elevate the private aviation experience. We empathize with your needs, so know our service will always exceed your expectations


Have Confidence in our Model: Volato is operated by industry experts who have led our significant growth since our founding in 2021. Our programs put you first, knowing that your continued satisfaction with our programs will keep you part of our family, for years to come


Safety: With IS-BAO Stage 3 and ARGUS Platinum safety ratings, accident-free history, modern aircraft featuring the latest safety technology, and above industry standard rest periods for our pilots, rest assured we put your safety first. No exceptions

The industry leader for missions with up to four passengers, traveling up to two and a half hours

Most legroom and best cabin experience in class

Highest, fastest, farthest flying and most efficient aircraft in class

The industry leader for missions with up to ten passengers, traveling up to
eight hours

Largest cabin in class

Fastest flying and most efficient air-frame in class

Benefits of fractional ownership.


Guaranteed access

Fly whenever you like, wherever you like, with 48 hour access across the contiguous United States and 72 hour access for nearby countries

Exclusivity and anonymity

Enjoy greater privacy than owning your own aircraft. Your discretion is assured when you fly with Volato as passengers’ personal details are not exposed to the public as is the case with full aircraft ownership

Faster access

If you purchase a new aircraft you will need to wait years to fly, not with our program. Enjoy access to our inventory so you can start flying right away


We take care of everything

Never have to worry about hiring pilots, maintenance, working with airports etc. Simply sign up, schedule your flight with our exclusive concierge team, sit back and enjoy flying more

Enjoy the entire fleet

Have confidence you will always have an aircraft available. No need to worry about aircraft maintenance and other scheduled downtime

Enjoy the benefits of full aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost

HondaJet: 1/16th to a full share
Gulfstream G280: 1/8th to a full share

The benefits of a larger share include a greater share of aircraft revenue each month and greater potential tax benefits from your upfront purchase

How it works:

Three simple payments: the most competitive in the industry.


Jet Purchase: Upfront payment for your fraction of the aircraft in a five-year term


Management Fee: Monthly payment covers maintenance, pilots, hangars, insurance, management, access to our exclusive concierge team etc.


When you Fly: At the end of each month, we tally up your hours, fuel and other fees charged at cost

At the end of your five-year term, the aircraft is sold at fair market value and you receive your fraction of the sale. You can then choose to purchase a fraction in a new aircraft so you will always fly in the most modern fleet.

We have big plans to revolutionize the industry and we are thrilled to welcome you on our journey.

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“Now a month into joining Volato, we have had an awesome experience. It’s leagues above the competition. The concierge, the pilots, everyone is so personable. You guys have done a great job of creating a ‘family’ culture out of the Volato team. If you guys can keep that up as you scale, you will be unbeatable!”

Micah S., CIO at S2F Capital in Georgia

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“As a long-time private jet user, I’ve seen my fair share of the industry, and I cannot say enough good things about Volato and their team. They continue to go above and beyond my expectations. I’ve even referred multiple friends and family, as a result.”

Marc A., founder at Angelo Group in Florida

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“Volato solved multiple flying issues for me! I finally have a jet option that’s wife-approved and I don’t have to spend excess on a larger jet, the Honda is perfect!”

Robert G., owner at G4 Mgmt in Texas

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“The flight was incredibly smooth and the HondaJet handled Long Island skies well, despite its small stature. And even with three full- size passengers in the cabin, there was still plenty of room to maneuver.”

Thomas P., Aviation reporter at Business Insider in New York


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