Top 5 luxury private jets 2024: extravagant examples, costs, and more


Dec 15, 2023

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    Ever wondered what is inside the world’s largest and most extravagant luxury private jets? Serving royal families, billionaires, and A-listers, the interior of these ultra-high-end private jets may look slightly different than the private jets you’ve grown accustomed to.

    These are one-of-a-kind jets that are more akin to flying mansions than aircraft. Think gold, diamonds, and cashmere, plus surprising onboard amenities.

    Below, we discuss the top luxury jet models in every class, the world’s most expensive jets, and their palatial interiors.

    What are the top 5 luxury private jets?

    From a certain perspective, travel on any private jet is a luxury. But, among a particular demographic, there is a discernible difference between a private jet right off the production line and one that has undergone substantial interior upgrades — transforming it from just another private jet to an ultra-exclusive experience.

    The world’s top private jets come from the same luxurious foundations. Whether it’s a very light jet or an executive liner, the manufacturers and models below serve the world’s elite travelers.

    Luxury very light & light jets

    The HondaJet has been sitting at the top of the very light jet luxury categories since its launch in 2011. What makes it a rank above the rest? It’s the highest, farthest, and fastest flying jet in its class. It is highly efficient, and thanks to fuselage and engine design advances, the cabin is one of the quietest on the market.

    luxury private jet
    Private Jet luxury interior

    Plus, this luxury jet interior comes with a lavatory and galley. All this has meant it’s the most delivered very light jet, with more than 210 flying in the skies since its launch.

    Luxury mid-size & super mid-size jets

    The Gulfstream G280 is the G-Wagen of the skies. One of the newest models in its class, its bespoke interior design screams high-end furnishings.

    G280 luxury jet
    Business Jet Table

    From the fully equipped galley to the executive seating for up to 10 passengers to an airy lavatory that has not one but two windows and a full-size closet, this super mid-size jet is elegantly appointed from nose to tail to meet your needs on every mission.

    Large & long-range jets

    Two names dominate this larger class of business liners: Bombardier and Gulfstream.
    It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the Gulfstream pop up again. This time it’s the G500. One look inside the cabin and its elevated design is undeniable. Think high-flying dining room, comfortable living space with a full divan, and, with some layouts, an aft stateroom.

    Then there is the Bombardier Global 5500, which can fly between just about any two cities in the world and has the widest cabin in its class. Of particular note, it’s thrown out the traditional executive seating in favor of its patented Nuage seat, “an ergonomic masterpiece.”

    Global 5500 Jet
    Luxury Jet Seating

    Executive liners

    Now, we enter the realm of true opulence. When luxury private jets come up, this is the class of aircraft we all envision. Executive liners, capable of flying between any two points on the planet, are the choice among the world’s elite.

    Boeing and Airbus are the brands that dominate this prestigious luxury category. Whether it’s the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or the Airbus A330neo, you can expect over 1,000 sq. ft. of living space, often capable of accommodating more than 100 passengers (layout dependent). They typically also have a suite exclusively for onboard staff and more bespoke amenities in the cabin than you’ll find in most boutique hotels.

    Jet Cruising Sky
    Elegant Jet Dining

    How much does a luxury private jet cost?

    Beyond the initial purchase price, the final receipt for a completely customized luxury private jet isn’t a detail that’s usually shared. Among the typical customer base — billionaires, royal families, and governments — costs aren’t something discussed publicly.

    But, that isn’t to say there aren’t a few estimates shared on social media and in the news. The following are a few examples of luxury private jet price points:

    HondaJet Elite II $7.2 million
    Gulfstream G280 $25 million
    Gulfstream G500 $50 million*
    Bombardier 5500 $46 million*
    Boeing 787 Dreamliner $250 million*
    Airbus A330neo $260 million*

    Annual costs of private jet ownership

    It’s worth noting that purchase price is only one part of the ownership equation. Private jet owners also have to consider the ongoing operational costs of their jet, much like they would for a fleet of luxury cars.

    As you would expect, the larger the aircraft and more lavish the amenities, technologies, and staffing requirements, the more operational costs increase.

    For example, on a very light jet like the HondaJet, staffing costs cover two pilots and perhaps one flight attendant. On an Airbus, not only will you have two pilots, but you’ll likely have an entire service team, maybe even an onboard chef and a bartender.

    Larger business liners also require larger storage spaces and have higher insurance premiums — all items that just come with the territory of owning a palace in the sky.

    Ongoing operational costs to expect with ownership include:

    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Hangarage
    • Insurance
    • Staffing
    • Destination fees

    What are the world’s most expensive private jets?

    Even if most private jet owners maintain a level of discretion about how much they’ve spent, this is a topic that’s frequently discussed online — especially stories about the upper echelon of extravagant executive liners.

    Most of these costs are speculation only, but they offer insight into what’s possible when money is no object. With that caveat out of the way, here we present the world’s most expensive private jets in no particular order:

    1. Boeing 747-8: $400 million

    Dubbed the flying mansion, this is reportedly the world’s largest private jet. Currently, only ten are held privately, with most sold to commercial airlines. This jet, in particular, has an undisclosed owner. We only have reports of its existence and exquisite interior design from the French interior design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto.

    In details shared directly from the firm, they were given carte blanche to create a home in the sky for the owner. They aimed for ultra-high-end finishes without going over the top with gold and diamonds. The current sticker price for a Boeing 747-8 is over $400 million, not considering the costs for this owner’s chosen upgrades.

    2. Boeing 747-8 VIP: $367 million

    Owned by Hong Kong business mogul Joseph Lau, this Boeing 747-8 is reportedly worth $367 million. According to the Street, this jet was the creation of design firm Lufthansa Technik, which created the CelestialStar cabin concept.

    According to reports, Lau’s jet not only has a master bed and bath but also several spacious guest rooms, a large bar, a gym, and an office “large enough for board meetings.”

    3. Gulfstream G650ER: $150 million

    A smaller class, but in no way less extravagant, this is Kim Kardashian’s personal luxury private jet. Initially, the Gulfstream was $95 million off the production line; post-renovations, her final price tag came in closer to $150 million.

    Kardashian worked with designers Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez to, as she said, make “it feel like an extension of me and an extension of my home.” It has two bathrooms and cashmere seats and can comfortably sleep up to ten passengers.

    4. Boeing 747-430: $230 million

    This is one of the world’s only private luxury jets fit for a sultan, so it’s no surprise this Boeing 747-430 is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah.

    This private jet is exactly as opulent as you’d imagine, with solid gold and Lalique crystal sinks, ultra-soft leather upholstery across all the seating, and very likely, many lavish amenities that will never be known by the general public.

    A peek inside the most luxurious private jet interiors.

    With today’s most expensive luxury private jets more akin to a flying palace than a simple mode of transportation, it’s natural to want to peek inside their cabins.

    Who among us wouldn’t want a luxury private jet tour to see what a double-decker Boeing 747 designed for the needs of a royal family has tucked inside?

    Luxury private interiors come in all shapes and sizes. From the ‘simple’ designs created by private jet design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto to the extravagantly bedazzled interior on board the jet owned by the Sultan of Brunei, there is no one-size-fits-all design aesthetic among these ultra-elite high flyers.

    But, if we were to generalize about what the world’s most glamorous private jet interiors all have in common, here’s what we’d expect:

    Designated living spaces

    We aren’t just talking about luxury private jets with beds, we are talking full-sized master bedrooms. Smaller private jets pack a lot into the cabin space, but you’ll generally find only one or two separate living spaces. Onboard a flying mansion, on the other hand, you’ll find separate spaces for every activity.

    That means a master bedroom and bathroom, separate guest bedrooms, a dining room, a board room and/or office space, and even entertainment rooms. Everything is fully enclosed to help transform the interior from an aircraft cabin into a luxury hotel.

    Luxury Jet Bedroom
    Credit Boeing Business Jets

    Gold, crystal, and cashmere finishings

    When the sky’s the limit, so too are the furnishings. From gold and crystal bathroom sinks to cashmere seats, it probably exists on board one of the world’s most opulent private jets.

    You’ll frequently see luxury brand details, whether Hermes blankets casually thrown across the plush leather seating or, perhaps, a full-walk-in closet with enough space to fit an entire Louis Vuitton luggage set.

    largest privet jet interior
    Credit Boeing Business Jets

    Full-size lavatory

    A luxury private jet bathroom is more akin to a European boutique hotel bathroom than what you’d find on board most private jets. Think floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a full shower (or, in some cases, even a bathtub), and plenty of space to pamper yourself.

    latest Private Jet Bathroom
    Credit Boeing Business Jets

    Surprising amenities

    The largest and most expensive private jets in the world all come packed with additional onboard amenities curated to the desires of their owners.

    This could mean a full-service bar (and bartender) with enough seating to serve everyone on board, a fully equipped kitchen with a gourmet chef, whipping up multi-course menus, or even a gym. These are the surprising amenities you’ll find on board the most extravagant jets.

    Ownership options: Luxury private jets for sale, rent, or hire.

    Private jets are no longer vehicles reserved for billionaires and royalty. Yes, there are high-end luxury private jets for sale, like the one owned by Jeff Bezos or Joseph Lau, that are one hundred million dollars even before customizations — but there are now options for those whose full ownership isn’t required.

    Fractional ownership

    Fractional ownership promises the freedom and flexibility of ownership but without the hassle. With shares starting as small as 1/16th of a jet, Volato’s fractional program locks in unlimited hours, a revenue share, and a modern fleet of modern jets.

    Luxury private jet charters

    Charter is the go-to choice for anyone seeking luxury private jets for rent or hire. Available when and where you need (given enough notice and fleet availability), our national fleet of HondaJets is perfect for trips with up to four passengers and flights of up to three hours.

    The sky’s the limit for luxury private jet travel.

    If you take nothing else from this exploration of private jets, it should be that the sky is the limit for what’s possible. From four-piece master bathrooms to full-service bars to gold-plated sinks, if you can dream it, it’s already on board the private jets of the world’s rich and famous.

    Yet, the most important takeaway is that private jets are no longer strictly an experience for billionaires and royalty. Volato is the world’s friendliest private aviation company, offering the most efficient, friendly, and rewarding solutions for travelers — whether you’re interested in private jet ownership or charter options.

    Find out what your options are. Fly Volato.

    Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only. Volato is not responsible for omissions or inaccuracies in such information, or for data that is no longer accurate due to delay, change in law, rules, or regulations.