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Why charter with ?



  • Top-tier safety standards
  • ARGUS Platinum
  • IS-BAO Stage 3

Modern Fleet

  • Premium interiors
  • Meticulously maintained
  • New aircraft added regularly

Premier Service

  • Worldwide operating authority
  • Dedicated team of aviation experts
  • Ready to assist from start to finish

Competitively Priced

  • Fly our lowest dynamic charter rate every time
  • Choose from a range of aircraft to fly your most efficient mission


  • Partner with 4AIR
  • Offset 100% of the CO2 from our operated fleet


  • A single point of contact to answer all your questions
  • Personalized charter program for the experience of a lifetime
  • Two experienced pilots on every single flight

Volato operates the largest HondaJet fleet in the world. The HondaJet delivers the most legroom in class, a fully enclosed lavatory, and an ultra-quiet interior. It is the most efficient way to fly four or fewer passengers on missions of up to 2.5 hours.

  • Passengers: 4-5
  • Approximate range: 1100 nm
  • Wifi: Select Aircraft

The Hawker 750 boasts the largest cabin in the light-midsize business jet category. Stretch out comfortably in executive plush leather seats and pack generously thanks to 79 cubic feet of luggage space.

  • Passengers: 9
  • Approximate range: 1960 nm
  • Wi-Fi: No

Our lavishly designed King Air 250, 350, and 360 are optimized for small private airstrips and deliver a premium in-flight experience. Wing lockers provide extra storage space for cargo or luggage, making this ideal for larger passenger groups with additional baggage needs.

  • Passengers: 9
  • Approximate range: 1500 nm
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
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Comparing charter flights vs. commercial flights.

Charter Commercial
Booking Process Personalized concierge and highly flexible Standardized, with little support or flexibility
Check-in Process Fast and hassle-free Long lines, delays, and crowds
Privacy High Low
Personalization Tailored in-flight services and amenities Limited options
Comfort Spacious cabins and luxurious amenities Varies, but generally cramped
Travel Time Reduced with direct flights to more airports May involve layovers and longer travel time
Booking Process
Charter Personalized concierge and highly flexible
Commercial Standardized, with little support or flexibility
Check-in Process
Charter Fast and hassle-free
Commercial Long lines, delays, and crowds
Charter High
Commercial Low
Charter Tailored in-flight services and amenities
Commercial Limited options
Charter Spacious cabins and luxurious amenities
Commercial Varies, but generally cramped
Travel Time
Charter Reduced with direct flights to more airports
Commercial May involve layovers and longer travel time

What our customers are saying:

“Now a month into Volato, we have had an awesome experience. It’s leagues above the competition. The concierge, the pilots, everyone is so personable.

You guys have done a great job of creating a ‘family’ culture out of the Volato team. If you guys can keep that up as you scale, you will be unbeatable!”


Micah S., CIO at S2F Capital in Georgia

“As a long-time private jet user, I’ve seen my fair share of the industry, and I cannot say enough good things about Volato and their team. They continue to go above and beyond my expectations. I’ve even referred multiple friends and family, as a result.”


Marc A., founder at Angelo Group in Florida

“Volato solved multiple flying issues for me! I finally have a jet option that’s wife-approved and I don’t have to spend excess on a larger jet, the Honda is perfect!”


Robert G., owner at G4 Mgmt in Texas

“The flight was incredibly smooth and the HondaJet handled Long Island skies well, despite its small stature. And even with three full- size passengers in the cabin, there was still plenty of room to maneuver.”


Thomas P., Aviation reporter at Business Insider in New York


Distance traveled, class of jet, additional in-flight amenities, and even departure and arrival airport fees all influence the price of chartering a private jet. There is no simple way to estimate the average cost.


Each flight is as unique as the passengers booking it. Looking for an estimate of the cost of a private jet charter? Check out our pricing tool.

For those who travel around the most popular hubs in the country, we designed the Volato Insider Program.


Enjoy capped charter rates when you fly between distinct city zones, including Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, and more.

At Volato, we quote up to 90 days before departure date and as low as 48 hours, with quotes guaranteed for 24 hours. This allows us to provide a dynamic schedule to best serve our clients and ensure our crew are appropriately scheduled, well rested, and ready to fly.

Yes, that is one of the many joys of private jet travel. Our concierge team is ready to help you make your dreams come true. Whether it's luxury transportation to and from the airport or gourmet in-flight services, connect with our team to help you make it possible.

Chartering is as simple as booking a flight directly with Volato's customer service team. You can also book through a broker. Private jet charters are booked on a one-off basis with a charter operator. The operator maintains complete ownership and management of the jet, and you are charged an occupied hourly fee to temporarily charter it.


With fractional ownership, you own a share of the aircraft, and an aircraft management company like Volato takes over the day-to-day operations in exchange for a monthly management fee. Fractional ownership offers more availability and access than chartering.

Wi-Fi is increasingly a part of the private jet experience. We are pleased to offer Wi-Fi onboard many jets in our fleet, including the Citation Sovereign, the King Air Jets, and a select number of our HondaJets.


Please note Wi-Fi availability may only be confirmed 24 hours before departure.

Each aircraft has been designed with a maximum baggage allowance. For example, the HondaJet, the smallest business jet class, allows for a maximum capacity of 66 cubic feet. The Citation Sovereign, on the other hand, can accommodate 100 cubic feet.


If you have special baggage requirements, contact one of our customer service teams to find out your options.

Private jets, operators, and crew adhere to strict safety regulations and standards. Private jet providers are certified by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and are subjected to 100-hour inspections, among other regular processes.


Volato goes several steps further, seeking internationally recognized certification from third-party safety organizations like IS-BAO and ARGUS. The safety of our clients and crew is paramount.

There are no age restrictions for Volato passengers, but any bookings made for underage passengers will need the approval of a parent/guardian. Our concierge team can also accommodate special travel requests, for example, to schedule an unaccompanied minor service.

Yes, we love our furry friends just as much as you do. We allow pets in-cabin for private jet charters.

The choice is clear.

Contact our team today to learn more about our jet share, jet card, aircraft management, and charter programs.

Contact our team today to learn more about our jet share, jet card, aircraft management, and charter programs.

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