Volato Safety Summit 2023.

Volato held their Annual Safety Summit on June 21, 2023, at the Denver Marriott Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Our commitment to safety as an organization has always been a top priority.

On June 21, 2023, Volato hosted its Annual Safety Summit at the Denver Marriott Hotel in Denver, Colorado and for the first time invited the HondaJet community to participate. The summit served as a platform for sharing best practices, to discuss state of the art safety procedures, and reinforce our unwavering dedication to the highest standards of safety in private aviation.

At Volato, safety is an integral part of our corporate culture and it permeates every aspect of our organization from operations and the meticulous maintenance of our aircraft, to the rigorous training of our flight crews. We relentlessly focus to see each flight we operate adheres to the most stringent safety protocols.

The Annual Safety Summit demonstrates our commitment to transparency and fostering opportunities for continuous learning and improvement in safety measures across the HondaJet community.

A significant highlight of the summit was sharing Volato’s operating procedures for the HondaJet, providing the HondaJet community with best practices for aircraft operations. The summit also provided a forum for discussing the latest advancements in aviation safety. Participants had the opportunity to interact with industry experts, learn about the most recent research and developments, and discuss ways to further integrate these advancements into operations. This continual pursuit of knowledge and improvement underscores Volato’s proactive approach to safety.

The Annual Safety Summit reaffirms Volato’s position as a leader in private aviation safety. We are proud of our role within the HondaJet community. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to enhancing our safety measures, upholding our commitment to excellence, and providing an unparalleled flying experience.

Visit the Volato YouTube page to view the videos or watch them below.

Please note, the associated slide decks are viewable as link PDFs here and in the individual YouTube video descriptions.

Opening remarks by Matt Liotta, Volato’s Co-Founder and CEO, set the tone for the summit, emphasizing Volato’s unwavering commitment to safety and transparency.

Agenda 1. planning & risk mitigation
Chief Pilot Josh “JP” Walden’s presentation on planning and risk mitigation.
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Agenda 2. Honda landing phase considerations
Chief Pilot Josh “JP” Walden’s presentation on landing phase considerations.
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Agenda 3. NTSB
Dr. Jennifer Rodi, Senior Air Safety Investigator/Deputy Chief from the provides insight into the NTSB, what actions they take should events occur and some case studies.
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Agenda 4. Part 91 & Part 135 differences
Josh Newsteder, Volato’s VP of Operations, shares the substantial regulatory safety differences between private and commercial operations. Further, he emphasizes how Volato continues to exceed those commercial regulations with even greater layers of safety.
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Agenda 5. MedAire
Diann Weaverling and Chris Bigger from MedAire offer insight into the services they provide to the industry including airborne medical response and passenger safety and security.
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Agenda 6. safety culture
Pat Moran, Volato’s Director of Safety, discusses the importance of a positive and inclusive safety culture and emphasizes the critical elements that Volato embodies in fostering and maintaining a successful safety management system.
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Agenda 7. open forum with VP of standards
Azim Sumar, Volato’s VP of Standards, concludes the summit with an open-forum discussion on Volato’s stringent standards for operations. With closing remarks from Mike Prachar, Volato’s Chief Operating Officer.
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Volato Safety Summit 2023.

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