Volato Stretch Jet Card

We understand that you can’t always be flexible when booking your flight on a private jet, but when you or a loved one enjoy the luxury of flexibility, why shouldn’t you be rewarded?

Uniquely, with a Volato Stretch Jet Card, receive Stretch Credits according to your flexibility at booking and your final itinerary. Stretch Credits accrue for flight time on Volato’s fleet of luxury private jets in the Volato Stretch Jet Card Program.

As we pride ourselves on the best customer experience in private aviation, Volato Stretch Jet Cards are limited. We don’t oversell. Be mindful that if you are unable to be flexible, Stretch is not likely for you.



Volato Stretch Jet Card


Fly private in a modern fleet of luxury HondaJets


Be rewarded for your itinerary flexibility


Stretch your balance of flight hours further


Supplement your fixed aviation portfolio with a Jet Card
that rewards your flexibility

How Volato Stretch works:


Request a flight with our premier concierge team. Let us know:

  • Date and time you would like to fly
  • Executive airports you’d like to depart from and arrive to
  • How flexible you can be, from a quarter-day to a full-day

We’ll do our best to accommodate your exact request.


12 hours out, we’ll confirm your itinerary.


If we ask you to stretch your schedule and you agree, we’ll reward you with Volato Stretch Credits based on:

  • The difference between your requested departure time and the scheduled departure time
  • If you depart from, or arrive to, an executive airport other than, but close to, your requested airport

Volato Stretch Credit


Quarter-day stretch 0.1 hour Stretch Credit
Half-day stretch 0.2 hour Stretch Credit
Full-day stretch 0.4 hour Stretch Credit
Airport stretch 0.5 hour Stretch Credit

Volato Stretch Jet Card Rates


10 hour block $60k
25 hour block $147k
50 hour block $295k

Volato Stretch Flight Redemption


Occupied and repositioning rate: $5,500 per hour including fuel
Receive 0.5-hour flight credit for every hour of repositioning
Additional expenses charged at cost

Be Rewarded when your itinerary is Flexible

If we ask you to be flexible with your booking, we will reward you with bonus flight time.


In-fleet HondaJets

The most luxurious, efficient aircraft in class.

Optimized for flights with up to four passengers, up to 2.5 hours.



We pride ourselves on putting our people first, so they are rested and able to focus on putting your safety first.

We are rated in the top 1% of charter companies due to both our ARGUS Platinum and IS-BAO Stage 3 ratings.


Focus on Sustainability

We partner with 4AIR to offset the CO2 in every gallon of jet fuel used across our HondaJet fleet and provide the option for you to offset the CO2 on your charter flight.


Superior Service

Your flights are managed through Volato’s exclusive concierge team.



We offer balance refunds if you decide Volato Stretch is not for you.

Contact a team member today for a casual conversation about the benefits of Volato’s Stretch Jet Card and how it can become one of your private aviation solutions.



The choice is clear

Contact our team today to learn more about our innovative jet share, jet card, aircraft management, and charter programs.

Contact our team today to learn more about our innovative jet share, jet card, aircraft management, and charter programs.

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