The top 10 fastest private jets in the world.


Jul 9, 2024

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    Few people realize that when they fly on a private jet, they’ll be nearing Mach speeds during their mission. It’s not unheard of for the fastest private jet models to achieve maximum speeds of Mach 0.925 or greater. While cruising speeds are lower, this nevertheless means that today’s missions are faster and more efficient than ever before.

    But what are the fastest private jets in the world? From Cessna to Gulfstream to Bombardier, these are the top ten jet models capable of hitting world speed records.

    How fast do private jets fly?

    First, a quick explainer on speed: Flight speed is measured in knots of true airspeed (ktas), the aircraft’s velocity relative to the air mass it travels through. You’ll also see private jet speed measured as Mach speed, which compares the jet’s speed to the speed of sound.

    We’ve used Mach throughout this article, as you’ll commonly encounter it on business jet performance specs.

    With speed measurements out of the way, we can now focus on the question at hand: How fast do private jets fly?

    Private jet speed depends on the make and model as well as external influences on flight performance, including passengers, payload, and weather conditions.

    The specifics of every jet and every mission will impact top speed, but under most circumstances, passenger jets cruise at speeds averaging between 575 to 600 mph (or Mach 0.78 to Mach 0.81). Modern jet models are capable of flying faster, upwards of Mach 0.94, which is the current record set by Bombardier, but pilots typically maintain lower cruising speeds for the comfort and safety of passengers.

    What defines a “fast” private jet?

    From Cessna to Gulfstream to Bombardier, every manufacturer strives to engineer faster-flying models in an effort to break world records and achieve the title of the world’s fastest private jet. On every jet brochure and spec sheet, you’ll find the manufacturer’s claims about jet speed.

    Here are just a few examples: Gulfstream tells us that the G800 powers “you to new destinations, faster, while delivering impressive fuel-efficiency;” Bombardier states that their Global 8000 model “is the flagship for a new era where the fastest speed, the longest range and the smoothest ride converge.”

    Gulfstream G800 flying above clouds

    But to be clear, there are no defining measures of what qualifies as a “fast” private jet. It depends on who is measuring it and how. For example, are you measuring maximum speed or cruising speed? Are you looking at numbers based on optimal flying conditions or average conditions? It is necessary to define the parameters before an accurate comparison can be made.

    Here, we focus on maximum speeds, which may be quite higher than standard cruising speeds. Maximum speeds have been pulled directly from the performance specs issued by each manufacturer and may only be possible under optimal flight conditions used during testing.

    Top 10 fastest private jets in the world in 2024.

    From the Gulfstream G500 to the Bombardier Global 8000, the following are the ten fastest private jets in the world today (that are currently still in production).

    As you review, just keep in mind that speed and range are highly variable between missions. Weather conditions, luggage load, and total passengers all impact how far and how fast the jet can fly. The following speeds are not meant to demonstrate typical flight speeds for most private jet missions.

    Gulfstream G500

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.90

    Maximum range: 5,300 nm

    Class: Long-range jet

    Kicking off the fastest private aircraft race is the Gulfstream G500. Gulfstream has built this jet around the clean sheet design approach, making it one of the leaders in its class for performance and safety. With a redesigned wing and advanced avionics, Gulfstream promises the G500 is 33 percent more fuel efficient than previous models.

    Gulfstream G500

    Dassault Falcon 8X

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.9

    Maximum range: 6,450 nm

    Class: Ultra-long-range jet

    Dassault’s Falcon 8x is the latest evolution in the Falcon line, promising greater efficiency, flexibility, and comfort than previous jets. The Falcon 8X features a lighter, redesigned wing architecture and winglets, which further reduce drag. Three highly efficient Pratt & Whitney PW307D Engines deliver 6,722 pounds of thrust each and are dialed in to perform in hot climates and high altitude conditions.

    Private jet flying in speed

    Cessna Citation Longitude

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.92

    Maximum range: 3,500 nm

    Class: Super mid-size jet

    The Cessna Citation Longitude is a super mid-size business jet with a transatlantic range and advanced avionics technology. Thanks to its spaciousness, upgraded seating, and soundproofing technologies, the cabin has been optimized for passenger comfort on long-range missions.

    Private jet parked

    Bombardier Global 7500

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.925

    Maximum range: 7,700 nm

    Class: Ultra-long-range jet

    One of the largest and fastest personal jets is the Bombardier Global 7500. Bombardier bills it as the “ultimate combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride.” With industry-leading GE Passport engines (which Bombardier had engineered explicitly for this model), it can reach a maximum Mach speed of 0.925 without compromising interior cabin comforts.

    Bombardier Global 7500

    Dassault Falcon 10X

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.925

    Maximum range: 7,500 nm

    Class: Large business jet

    With Rolls-Royce Pearl® 10X engines delivering over 18,000 pounds of thrust, the Dassault Falcon 10x promises to be the most advanced and efficient jet in its class. Its high-sweep, high-aspect-ratio wings and composite materials aim to perfect its aerodynamic design while ensuring its capability for swift climbs.

    Dassault Falcon 10X flying over water

    Gulfstream G600

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.925

    Maximum range: 6,600 nm

    Class: Long-range jet

    The Gulfstream G600 is one of the fastest long-range business jets, combining powerful Pratt & Whitney engines with superior interior comforts. This jet is designed to connect far-flung cities nonstop, such as New York to Dubai and Los Angeles to Shanghai, with a near-supersonic high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90.

    Private jet flying over coastline

    Gulfstream G650/G650ER

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.925

    Maximum range: 7,500 nm (G650ER) / 7,000 nm (G650)

    Class: Large business jet

    Between the G650 and the G650ER Gulfstream models, more than 500 of these jets are in operation worldwide today. These two models have set more than 125 world speed records, earning the G650 series a place as one of the fastest private jets in the skies today. The clean-sheet design paired with Rolls-Royce engines ensures every mission locks in high-speed fuel efficiency.

    Gulfstream jet fast flying

    Gulfstream G800

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.925

    Maximum range: 8,000 nm

    Class: Large business jet

    Gulfstream designed the G800 to be the longest-range business jet in the world. It’s capable of covering 8,000 nm at a fast-flying Mach 0.85, although its maximum speed is up to Mach 0.925. Powered by two next-generation Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines, it can connect global destinations on nonstop missions up to 8,000 nm.

    Gulfstream G800 flying above clouds

    Gulfstream G700

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.935

    Maximum range: 7,750 nm

    Class: Ultra-long-range jet

    Faster than all other Gulfstream models, the G700 can reach maximum speeds of up to Mach 0.935 under optimal conditions and maintain a cruising speed of Mach 0.90 for up to 6,650 nm. Faster flying means this jet locks in time savings while also reducing flight hours for longer periods between scheduled maintenance. With more than 50 speed records under its belt, the G700 has been specifically designed to cut down on flight time for long-range missions.

    Gulfstream G700

    Bombardier Global 8000

    Maximum speed: Mach 0.94

    Maximum range: 8,000 nm

    Class: Ultra long-range jet

    The Bombardier Global 8000 is the fastest private jet in the world, capable of hitting a maximum of Mach 0.94 and maintaining a cruising speed of Mach 0.92. Bombardier has designed its flagship model with the Smooth Flĕx With, which is engineered “like two wings in one: a high-lift wing for exceptional low-speed agility and a high-speed wing for unrivaled speed and range.”

    Bombardier Global 8000

    Comparative insights on private jet speeds.

    Model Maximum Speed Maximum Range Class
    Gulfstream G500 Mach 0.90 5,300 nm Long-range jet
    Dassault Falcon 8X Mach 0.90 6,450 nm Ultra-long-range jet
    Cessna Citation Longitude Mach 0.92 3,500 nm Super mid-size jet
    Bombardier Global 7500 Mach 0.925 7,700 nm Ultra long-range jet
    Dassault Falcon 10X Mach 0.925 7,500 nm Large business jet
    Gulfstream G600 Mach 0.925 6,600 nm Long range jet
    Gulfstream G650/G650ER Mach 0.925 7,500 nm (G650ER) / 7,000 nm (G650) Large business jet
    Gulfstream G800 Mach 0.925 8,000 nm Large business jet
    Gulfstream G700 Mach 0.935 7,750 nm Ultra long-range jet
    Bombardier Global 8000 Mach 0.94 8,000 nm Ultra long-range jet

    Future of flying: High-speed private jets.

    The top speeds of the most advanced private jets are hitting almost Mach levels. From Gulfstream to Bombardier, the future of flight is faster and more efficient than ever before, thanks to continuous improvements to engine and avionics technologies. Most importantly, as the passenger, these efficiencies are happening in tandem with an evolving cabin experience. You won’t have to sacrifice speed for comfort.

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    What’s the fastest private jet?

    The fastest private jet in the world is now the Bombardier Global 8000, an ultra-long-range aircraft that has achieved speeds up to Mach 0.94 while flying under optimal conditions. Its typical cruising speed is Mach 0.85.

    Is a private jet faster than a commercial plane?

    Measured strictly on aircraft performance, a private jet is no faster than a commercial version. But, from a passenger’s perspective, flying private offers significant time savings over commercial flights. For example, instead of arriving hours early for security and check-in, private jet passengers only need to check in a few minutes before departure time.

    Just how much faster is a private jet? A 2014 European Business Aviation Association study found that private flights save an average of 127 minutes per trip, with 20 percent of flights being five hours faster than commercial alternatives.

    How fast is a private jet in mph?

    Private jet speed varies depending on several factors, including jet make and model. For example, under optimal conditions, a HondaJet can hit speeds of 486 mph, but a larger aircraft like the Bombardier Global 5500 can reach up to 690 mph.

    Which is the fastest business jet?

    Currently, the world record holder for the fastest private jet is the Bombardier Global 8000, an ultra-long-range jet that has hit speeds up to Mach 0.94.

    Which is the fastest Gulfstream jet?

    The fastest Gulfstream jet is the G700 model, which has a maximum listed speed of Mach 0.935 and a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.90.

    What is the fastest small jet?

    Many of the fastest small jets, including the Original Hawker 400 and the Dassault Falcon 20, are now out of production. Today, the fastest small private jets prioritize passenger safety, which means modern, very light, and light jet models are actually designed to fly slightly slower than these early models.

    As just two examples, the Embraer Phenom 300E, a light jet, is capable of speeds up to Mach 0.80, and the HondaJet, a very light jet, can hit speeds up to Mach 0.63 under optimal conditions.

    Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only. Volato is not responsible for omissions or inaccuracies in such information, or for data that is no longer accurate due to delay, change in law, rules, or regulations.