Volato explores relocation options for headquarters to support growth.

Volato, a leading aviation company, is actively considering the relocation of its headquarters to fuel its growth trajectory and better serve its expanding customer base. The potential move, which involves evaluating various states such as Florida and Texas, aims to position Volato strategically for long-term success...

Volato, a leading full-service aviation company, has announced its exploration of the possibility of relocating its headquarters to support its next phase of growth and better cater to its expanding customer base. Considering several states as potential options, including Florida and Texas, Volato aims to identify the ideal location that will enhance its competitive advantage and set the stage for long-term success. The robust business climates, favorable tax policies, and well-developed infrastructure of Texas and Florida make them particularly appealing destinations for Volato’s future headquarters.

Matt Liotta, CEO of Volato, emphasized that the decision to explore a potential new headquarters is driven by the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, employee well-being, and meeting the evolving needs of its valued customers. Both Florida and Texas have emerged as strong contenders for the new headquarters due to their pro-business environments, abundant talent pools, and growing emphasis on aerospace industries.

The relocation of Volato’s headquarters is expected to bring about significant economic benefits, including the creation of new jobs and stimulation of regional growth in the chosen area. While Florida and Texas remain at the forefront of consideration, Volato is also evaluating other potential locations that align with its strategic objectives and offer a supportive environment for future growth and development.

Volato is dedicated to conducting a thorough evaluation process in collaboration with economic councils, local communities, and officials before finalizing its decision. The company’s utmost priority is to identify a location that will ensure a prosperous future for its employees, partners, and customers, while fostering an environment conducive to continued success.

About Volato:

Volato is a trailblazing aviation company that redefines private jet experiences through sustainable and customer-friendly solutions. Offering a comprehensive range of services including fractional ownership, aircraft management, jet card programs, deposits, and charter services, Volato introduces a fresh perspective to the aviation industry. Its fractional ownership programs are uniquely designed to provide flexibility and revenue sharing opportunities for owners within a carefully curated fleet of HondaJets, tailored for missions accommodating up to four passengers. In addition, starting in 2024, Volato will introduce Gulfstream G280s to its fleet, enabling missions catering to up to ten passengers.

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