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We have amazing daily deals on empty leg flights.
These flights are based on first come, first serve basis
and disappear quick!

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About Us

Our daily deals program is our version of empty leg flights. We do not sell by the seat;
we offer these daily deals for booking the entire aircraft in our fleet of HondaJets.
Visit the daily deals page for more information and make sure to subscribe to our daily
deal alerts to get updated as soon as we schedule new aircraft.

Whether you require a luxury private jet to make better use of your time, to enjoy
premium leisure travel, elevate from commercial aviation, or experience the one-off
flight of your lifetime, have confidence that our unique solutions will exceed your

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What are empty leg

Empty leg flights refer to private aircraft flights where the aircraft has no
passengers on board. These flights typically occur when an aircraft is
repositioning to pick up its next set of passengers, or when it's returning
to it's home base after dropping off passengers.

Volato does not sell per-seat empty leg flights. Volato offers the entire
aircraft you see available listed on your daily deals section.

These flights can be significantly cheaper than a regular charter flight,
with savings of up to 75% off the regular price.

Despite the many advantages of empty leg flights, there are a few
drawbacks to consider. First, empty leg flights are only available when we
need to reposition our aircraft, wich may not coincide with your preferred
travel dates and times. Second, the flight route may not be the most direct
you need.

Our daily deals are set on where they are leaving and arriving as the
aircraft is flying to a specific destination for repositioning purposes.

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Need an aircraft now?
Volato has you covered.

Our fleet of HondaJets are optimized for flights of up to two hours with four or fewer passengers. Have
confidence you will experience a level of luxury and comfort like no other light jet.

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Need a larger aircraft?

We manage a fleet of private jets from large cabin aircraft to turbo-props
including the Hawker, and King Airs.