Gulfstream models: from the super mid-size G280 to the ultra long range G800.


Jun 25, 2024

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    Gulfstream models are hyper-focused on servicing the long-range needs of the business jet sector, from models dialed in for a maximum of 10 passengers with two living spaces (G280) to those for up to 19 passengers with five living spaces (G800). With an advanced fleet of eight jets now in production, you can land on a Gulfstream jet for every lifestyle.

    Yet, despite the expansive options, what doesn’t change between models is their unparalleled speed, range, and low-altitude cabin comforts offered across Gulfstream’s current fleet.

    With Volato set to receive its first shipment of Gulfstream G280s in 2024, it’s well worth reviewing all the current Gulfstream models, including detailed specs and prices.

    History of Gulfstream.

    Founded in 1958 as Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co., Gulfstream launched its very first aircraft, the Grumman Gulfstream I, marking the debut of the world’s first business plane.

    The company designed this twin turboprop to accommodate up to 12 passengers, reach speeds of up to 350 mph, and hit a range of 3,540 nautical miles (nm). Its immediate success led to the sale of more than 200 units in just a few years (with some still operational today).

    Building on this success, Grumman quickly shifted its focus toward developing a jet-powered version and, eventually, the birth of the Grumman Gulfstream II (GII). This model introduced the business jet, a new aircraft class, to the world.

    Through a series of acquisitions and a relocation to Savannah, Georgia, Grumman transformed into Gulfstream American in the 1970s and was eventually renamed Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in the 1980s. During this time, they launched several new models, including the GIII, GIV, and the GV, the first ultra-long-range business jet.

    The 2000s was a period of continued expansion for Gulfstream, with new facilities, an increased workforce, advanced aerospace research, and new groundbreaking models. These models included the G150, notable for its FAA certification under Stage 4 noise standards, and the G650, which offered a 7,000 nm range and a top speed of Mach 0.85.

    In 2008, Gulfstream announced the G280, the fastest and most fuel-efficient super mid-size jet in its class, which went into production a year later. Volato is excited to welcome the first delivery of brand-new G280s in 2024.

     Gulfstream G280

    Why Gulfstream?

    Gulfstream built the world’s first private jet in the 1950s. Over 60 years later, Gulfstream isn’t the only private jet manufacturer today, but it remains a global leader.

    Since its inception, it has built well over 2000 jets and now ranks as the world’s largest business jet manufacturer by revenue, with over $34 billion in annual revenue (2022). With its ability to push private aviation faster, farther, and in greater comfort, Gulfstream has launched eight entirely new models in just 15 years. This pace of development is unmatched in the sector.

    Gulfstream’s flagship G650ER model is considered the most advanced and desirable private jet, with record-breaking speed, range, and performance capabilities. The newer G700 model also offers industry-leading cabin size, range, and speed.

    As its current lineup demonstrates, Gulfstream has been able to capitalize on the market demand for large-cabin, long-range private jets, which has been stronger in recent years. Its family of aircraft, from the G500, G600, and G800, caters to this demand.

    Recently, it also broke into a new smaller jet class, super mid-size, with the launch of the G280 in 2009. The technological advances Gulfstream pioneered across its larger jets are now built into a smaller 10-person capacity. The coast-to-coast range, comfortable cabin, and flight efficiency are all reasons why Volato landed on the G280 as the jet of choice for its own fleet expansion.

     flying Gulfstream G280

    Current Gulfstream models and specs.

    Gulfstream currently has eight jets under production (outside of special missions and military production). Its fleet is one of the most modern in the industry, with all eight launched recently (since 2008).

    The Gulfstream aircraft model lineup continues to push private jet industry standards when it comes to range, cabin space, and aircraft efficiency. Gulfstream states that it is “shaping the future of business aviation,” which is made clear from its current roster of jets.

    Gulfstream Model Maximum Range Long-Range Mach Speed Passenger Capacity
    G280 3,600 nm Mach 0.85 Up to 10
    G400 4,200 nm Mach 0.90 Up to 12
    G500 5,300 nm Mach 0.925 Up to 13
    G600 6,600 nm Mach 0.925 Up to 13
    G650/ER 7,500 nm Mach 0.925 Up to 13
    G700 7,750 nm Mach 0.935 Up to 13
    G800 8,000 nm Mach 0.925 Up to 15

    Gulfstream G280 specs1

    Max Range: 3,600 nm

    High-Speed Mach: 0.84 | 482 ktas

    Long-Range Mach: 0.80 | 459 ktas

    Passengers: Up to 10

    Living Areas: Up to 2

    Sleeps: Up to 5

    Price: $25 million

    Key Features: The G280 is a super mid-sized jet that boasts the lowest cabin altitude in its class, is certified for steep-approach operations, and has excellent fuel efficiency. It is ideal for short runways and challenging airports and, thanks to its 3,600 nm range, coast-to-coast nonstop missions.

    Ready to fly in a Gulfstream G280? We are now accepting pre-sales today for Gulfstream G280 delivery in 2024.

    Gulfstream G400 specs2

    Max Range: 4,200 nm

    High-Speed Mach: 0.88 | 488 ktas

    Long-Range Mach: 0.85 | 459 ktas

    Passengers: Up to 12

    Living Areas: Up to 2.5

    Sleeps: Up to 5

    Price: +$34 million3

    Key Features: The G400 provides the largest cabin in its class, featuring a quiet and low-altitude environment enhanced with plasma ionization air purification.

    Gulfstream G500 specs4

    Max Range: 5,300 nm

    High-Speed Mach: 0.90 | 488 ktas

    Long-Range Mach: 0.85 | 459 ktas

    Passengers: Up to 13

    Living Areas: Up to 3

    Sleeps: Up to 6

    Price: +$43 million5

    Key Features: The G500 offers a clean-sheet design and the advanced Symmetry Flight Deck™. It’s noted for its ultra-low cabin altitude and 14 windows shining into the cabin (the related Gulfstream g550 model was produced from 2004 until 2021).

    Gulfstream G600 specs6

    Max Range: 6,600 nm

    High-Speed Mach: 0.90 | 488 ktas

    Long-Range Mach: 0.85 | 459 ktas

    Passengers: Up to 17

    Living Areas: Up to 4

    Sleeps: Up to 7

    Price: +$55 million7

    Key Features: The G600 is celebrated for its award-winning interior and powerful performance and has set over 35 world speed records.

    Gulfstream G650 & G650ER specs8

    Max range: 7,000 nm (G650ER 7,500 nm)

    High-Speed Mach: 0.90 | 488 ktas

    Long-Range Mach: 0.85 | 459 ktas

    Passengers: Up to 16

    Living Areas: Up to 4

    Sleeps: Up to 7

    Price: +$60 million9

    Key Features: With more than 500 jets in service, both the G650 and G650ER are renowned for their performance. The G650ER holds the record for the farthest, fastest flight in business aviation history.

    Gulfstream G700 specs10

    Max range: 7,750 nm

    High-Speed Mach: 0.90 | 488 ktas

    Long-Range Mach: 0.85 | 459 ktas

    Passengers: Up to 19

    Living Areas: Up to 5

    Sleeps: Up to 9

    Price: +$75 million11

    Key Features: The Gulfstream G700 boasts the largest cabin in the industry, a whisper-quiet cabin with 100 percent fresh plasma-ionized air, and the revolutionary Symmetry Flight Deck™.

    Gulfstream G800 specs12

    Max range: 8,000 nm

    High-Speed Mach: 0.90 | 488 ktas

    Long-Range Mach: 0.85 | 459 ktas

    Passengers: Up to 17

    Living Areas: Up to 4

    Sleeps: Up to 7

    Price: +$72.5 million13

    Features: The G800 has the lowest cabin altitude and is the world’s longest-range business aircraft, with unparalleled performance thanks to the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck™.

    Sustainability defining Gulfstream in the future.

    Without a doubt, the primary focus for all jet manufacturers in the near future will be to develop more fuel-efficient and sustainable aircraft. But Gulfstream is ahead of the pack. In 2023, it announced the completion of the world’s first trans-Atlantic flight using 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

    The U.S. Department of Energy explains that SAF is “a biofuel used to power aircraft that has similar properties to conventional jet fuel but with a smaller carbon footprint.” Compared with conventional jet fuel, it can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and “some emerging SAF pathways even have a net-negative GHG footprint.”

    The November flight, completed with a G600, flew from the company’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, to land seven hours later at the Farnborough Airport in England. According to a press release, the mission “showcases the potential for aviation’s future use of renewable fuels, which feature lower carbon, sulfur and aromatics.”

    According to Gulfstream, the date from this first-of-its-kind flight “will help Gulfstream and its key suppliers gauge aircraft compatibility with future low-aromatic renewable fuels, particularly under cold temperatures for extended flight durations.”

    Given the trajectory across the larger aviation sector, Gulfstream’s focus on trialing sustainable fuels and developing more eco-friendly aircraft is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

    glufstream interior

    Gulfstream G280: ownership and charter options.

    Gulfstream fractional ownership.

    How much does a Gulfstream cost? It all depends on the fractional share. Under Volato’s revolutionary Fractional Ownership model, all shares offer unlimited flying hours, a revenue share, and the best customer experience. Whether you invest in a 1/16th share or a full share, these benefits apply.

    Contact a team member today for a conversation about Volato’s Gulfstream G280 fractional ownership offer. Accepting pre-sales today for Gulfstream G280 deliveries in 2024.

    inside Volato's Gulfstream G280

    Gulfstream Charter

    What are your options beyond ownership? If you have G280 in your sights for your next weekend adventure or critical cross-country meeting, you will soon be able to charter one for your next mission.

    With the arrival of its new Gulfstream aircraft, Volato is set to expand its fleet for larger, longer flights. The addition of the G280 will allow Volato to offer nonstop cross-country charters from coast to coast, with more passengers and space to stretch out.

    With the lowest in-class cabin altitude and plasma-ionized air, when you book one of Volato’s new Gulfstream jets, you’ll set to land at your destination relaxed and refreshed — no matter how far you traveled.

    Gulfstream aircraft models: The future is here.

    Gulfstream’s fleet remains unmatched in the skies, thanks to powerfully advanced flight technology, range capabilities, and interior passenger comforts. From the G280 to the G800, these aircraft build on Gulfstream’s lasting private jet legacy.

    Get in touch with us to find out more about upcoming Gulfstream G280 offerings.

    super mid-size Gulfstream G280

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