Gulfstream G280 price in 2024: A comprehensive guide to owning one.


Dec 7, 2023

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    The Gulfstream G280 has rapidly become the super mid-size private jet of choice since its launch in 2011. This is the ultimate option for long-distance travel thanks to its interior cabin elegance, capacity for ten passengers, and superior range.

    Now entering its 14th year of production, there are more than 230 G280 jets in the skies today. It’s been meticulously designed to optimize the ride, including two high-thrust engines and the lowest interior cabin altitude in its class, all while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency.

    With Volato set to accept delivery of its new fleet in 2024, now is the perfect time to explore the Gulfstream G280 price, specifications, performance, and paths to ownership.

    G280 pricing, performance, & specifications.


    Full ownership $25 million
    Fractional Ownership $3.4 million (1/8th share) to $25 million (full share)


    Maximum Range 3,600 nm
    High-Speed Cruise Mach 0.84
    Takeoff Distance 4,750 ft
    Maximum Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft


    Passenger Capacity 10 seats (sleeps up to 5)
    Cabin 935 cu ft
    Baggage capacity 120 cu ft
    Wingspan 63ft

    Factors influencing Gulfstream G280 pricing.

    How much does a Gulfstream cost? Price starts with the investment in the G280 base model — $25 million — and is then layered with optional design customizations, add-on features, and the ongoing operational costs associated with jet ownership.

    Here are the major considerations for anyone investigating the specifics of a Gulfstream G280 price.

    Base aircraft cost

    A 2024 Gulfstream G280 price starts at $25 million. This is the initial upfront investment for the base model. Customizations, extras, and operational costs are separate.

    Interior customization options

    Owners of this super mid-size jet will find a lot of interior cabin space to play with in terms of amenities and customizations. Gulfstream offers four design configurations. Beyond the standard fully enclosed lavatory and galley, options include two separate living areas, a couch configuration, and sleeping space for up to five passengers.

    But it’s always possible to go beyond the base designs into a more extravagant interior. Private jet interior designers can take your cabin to new heights with high-end finishings, including cabinetry, seating, accessories, and special touches like monograms and upgraded entertainment systems.

    Avionics and technology upgrades

    The G280 has Two Honeywell HTF7250G engines and uses the PlaneView 280 avionics(a system based on Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion technology). The jet comes equipped with standard autothrottle and auto-brake systems as well.

    Since its inception, Gulfstream has continued improving the foundational technologies powering this executive aircraft. The latest G280 models feature SiriusXM graphical weather and surface management systems.

    Gulfstream also recently announced a plasma ionization clean air system for the cabin. “While the aircraft already has a 100%-fresh-air environment,” according to GlobalAir, “this system has proven lab tests to neutralize pathogens and allergens.”

    These avionics and technology upgrades contribute to the higher cost of a brand-new G280 compared with older models.

    Maintenance and Gulfstream G280 operating costs

    All of the above are standard capital expenses associated with the purchase and customization of the aircraft. But, as with any vehicle, there are ongoing operational expenses, including maintenance, insurance, storage, fuel, management fees, and crew, just to name a few.

    For example, the G280 requires two pilots and, typically, at least one flight attendant. As the owner, you’ll be responsible for the estimated crew costs starting at $270,000.

    Hangarage is a secondary consideration. This is the storage of your craft when not in use.

    Approximate Gulfstream G280 annual costs for hangarage are $43,000 to 53,000, although this will depend on the hangar location. Insurance options vary widely depending on type and coverage, but you can expect $30,000 at the bare minimum.

    Whether or not you choose to fly, these are the costs you’ll incur. Once you fly, you’ll also have to pay for fuel, airport fees, maintenance, regular inspections, repairs, and more. These are highly variable and, therefore, difficult to quantify.

    All told, your fixed operational expenses will come to more than $500,000 a year for the Gulfstream G280. That is, unless you choose a fractional ownership model, where the expenses are divided among owners and charged as a consistent monthly handling fee through a management company like Volato. A third option, chartering, avoids the expenses and hassle of ownership altogether.

    Inferior of Gulfstream G280

    Owning vs. chartering a Gulfstream G280.

    Comparative Analysis

    Full ownership sits at one end and chartering at the other on the spectrum of private jet travel options. Ownership facilitates freedom and the ultimate discretion but comes at a greater investment cost. Gulfstream G280 charter costs are much more affordable, yet you’ll need to be more flexible with your travel schedule.

    What’s the best option? The decision boils down to travel lifestyle, financial status, and personal preference.

    Cost breakdown

    At first glance, ownership offers a much lower occupied hourly fee than charter, but this variable doesn’t reflect the costs associated with capital investment and operational expenses.

    A Gulfstream G280 charter is more expensive on an hourly basis but requires no upfront investment in the aircraft itself or for ongoing maintenance, insurance, and labor.

    Charter Ownership
    Base Cost N/A $25 million
    Annual Operational Costs N/A $1.2 million
    Occupied Hourly Free Dynamic pricing ($7,000+) $3,600

    Travel advantages

    Chartering offers more flexibility than flying commercial but without the long-term commitment required for full ownership. It’s a pay-as-you-go model where you aren’t responsible for all Gulfstream G280 maintenance costs, and you can easily switch jet types or even charter companies depending on each mission’s needs.

    Chartering a G280 is especially appealing for anyone who prioritizes flexibility in departure location. Not to mention, there are no upfront investment considerations. As the owner, you assume all maintenance and crew management responsibilities.

    However ownership does come with certain advantages that aren’t available via the chartering model. For starters, your jet will always be available, even if you need to leave at a moment’s notice. You’ll also be guaranteed the utmost privacy as you crisscross the country.

    Chartering is about flexibility and minimal financial commitment but comes with possible restrictions to scheduling and availability. In contrast, ownership is about personalization and unlimited accessibility, albeit with added responsibilities.

    Feature Charter Ownership
    Maintenance Not responsible for managing maintenance or repairs. Responsible for all maintenance, repairs, and required upgrades.
    Availability Availability can vary; you will need to book in advance. Aircraft are always available for personal use.
    Customization Limited to options available in the charter fleet. Can customize the jet’s interior and exterior to personal preferences.
    Operating Costs Pay-as-you-go; only pay for what you use. Constant operational expenses: crew salaries, hangar fees, insurance, maintenance, etc. Even when not in use.
    Flexibility Can choose different aircraft types for different trips. Limited to the aircraft you own.
    Investment No depreciation concerns. Aircraft value depreciates over time and with use.
    Commitment Hyper flexible and low commitment. Easy to switch charter companies and aircraft type. Long-term commitment. Managing an aircraft is often considered like taking on a new business.
    Location Flexibility to choose departure location based on charter availability. Typically based in one location; may incur costs for repositioning.

    Considerations for frequent fliers

    The balance of cost considerations realistically depends on the frequency of use. For example, chartering makes sense if you typically take only a few private flights a year. It’s all the benefits of private jet travel without the overhead.

    But, with a chartered Gulfstream G280 cost per hour being three to four times greater than with ownership, the chartering will quickly add up if you are a frequent flier. As an owner, the more you fly, the more the Gulfstream annual cost works out in your favor.

    Plus, as a frequent flier, it’s not just the Gulfstream G280 price per hour worth considering. If you need a jet ready at the drop of a hat, travel during holidays, or simply want consistency from one flight to the next, the ownership model may be the better choice.

    Consideration Charter Ownership
    Cost Effectiveness May become expensive for very frequent travelers. Often more cost-effective for very frequent use due to spread-out fixed costs.
    Availability & Booking Might need advanced booking; availability not guaranteed. Jet is always available, allowing spontaneous travel.
    Luggage & Equipment Limitations set by charter operators. Less flexibility. Consistent and customizable based on owners’ needs.
    Time Efficiency Potential wait times, especially during peak seasons. Direct control over schedules ensures optimal time efficiency.
    Consistency Experience might vary based on available fleet and crew. Offers a consistent, known environment every flight.
    Gulfstream G280

    Is the Gulfstream G280 worth the investment?

    There is a reason why the Gulfstream G280 is the leading super mid-size jet in the world. Its intercontinental range, its fuel efficiency, and its sleek interior are all features that make it the option of choice for jet setters and executives.

    But is it worth it?

    Assessing the value proposition of a Gulfstream G280

    What makes the G280 one of the most sought-after executive private jets in the world? Its value proposition is the cabin experience, advanced avionics, and industry-leading performance specs.

    Let’s start with the cabin. As one of the largest in its class, the G280 cabin boasts several different iterations, including seating for up to ten passengers and the potential to sleep up to five. Plus, it has a 6’1″ ceiling, may contain two separate living spaces, and offers in-flight baggage accessibility. The cabin also maintains a low altitude cabin throughout your flight.

    Aviation geeks and pilots appreciate the advanced avionics and technologies of the G280. It has PlaneView 280 avionics, autothrottle, and auto brakes, among other advanced piloting systems, to ensure every flight is a safe one.

    Then, it’s the jet’s performance specs that prove its value. With a range of 3,600 nm, the G280 can fly nonstop from London to New York or Hong Kong to Brisbane. It has a high cruising speed of Mach 0.84 and clean wing technology to lift passengers beyond the turbulence.

    It’s also one of the most sought-after jets for charter companies. As an owner, this means you can easily increase your ROI through chartering agreements with private jet aircraft management companies.

    Why Gulfstream G280?*

    From listening to our customers’ needs and recognizing that our innovative business model is not just limited to light jets, we are excited to expand our model to larger aircraft. This would also ensure that existing HondaJet customers would be able to fly their edge case missions that are farther or with more passengers.Matt Liotta, Co-Founder and CEO, Volato

    When considering expanding our fleet offerings, the cabin experience and operating efficiency were important considerations. Gulfstream and the G280 was the clear choice as being best in class and we are excited to begin this relationship with Gulfstream.Nicholas Cooper, Co-Founder and CCO, Volato

    Gulfstream is grateful to Volato for the confidence they have placed in us and in the Gulfstream G280 as they expand their fleet. The G280 is an outstanding aircraft, and I look forward to Volato’s customers benefiting from its cabin comfort and class-leading performance capabilities.Scott Neal, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Gulfstream


    What is the base price of a Gulfstream G280?

    Price largely depends on the year of manufacture. For example, the Gulfstream G280 price for used jets (manufactured between 2018 and 2022), you can expect a ticket price between $20 million and $22 million.

    The base price for full ownership of the latest production run, estimated to arrive in 2024, is $25 million. Volato’s fractional shares will start at 1/8th of a share for $3.4 million. Volato offers position commitments (preorders) for a $75,000 refundable deposit.

    How much will the G280 cost in 2024?

    Volato’s first order of Gulfstream G280s is set to arrive in 2024. The current price for a G280 is $25 million. Again, Volato will offer a fractional ownership program for the G280s, with shares starting at 1/8th for $3.4 million increasing up to a full share for $25 million.

    What is the cheapest Gulfstream jet?

    Of the Gulfstream models currently in production, the G280 series is the most affordable model on the market today. Of course, current models will have a higher investment than preowned models, which are priced according to age and condition. The oldest G280 jets are from 2011 when Gulfstream began releasing this model.

    What is the most expensive private jet?

    The most expensive private jet is undeniably any model in the executive airliner class. These jets, designed for the upper echelons of executive travelers (royalty, politicians, sports teams, etc.), start at $110 million as a base price.

    But of course, for this class of globetrotters, the price tag quickly escalates, often to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    As the most exclusive jet class in the world, there are currently only three competitors:

    • Boeing Business Jet Max Series
    • Bombardier Global Series
    • Airbus Corporate Jet Series

    According to Luxe Digital, besides Airforce One, owned by the US government, the two most expensive private executive jets in the world are an Airbus A340-30 which cost an estimated $500 million and an Airbus A380 is estimated to be worth $600 million.

    How much do customizations and interior upgrades typically cost?

    As one might expect, the sky’s the limit regarding possible customizations on a private jet. The larger the jet, the more space and possibilities to play with.

    Upgrades range widely. It may just mean a relatively simple update to interior finishings, an upgraded entertainment system, or a wholly reimagined interior with a separate bedroom and lavatory.

    With so many variables, it’s difficult to predict the costs of customizations.

    Volato’s fleet of G280s have an interior designed by master craftspeople, for a bespoke experience with premium furniture and accessories.

    What are the expected maintenance costs for a Gulfstream G280?

    Maintenance varies depending on use, as inspections apply every 100 hours of flight, and increased use translates to more wear and tear. Maintenance costs are also variable, with anything from a bird strike to a blown tire requiring additional attention.

    With that in mind, routine Gulfstream G280 maintenance cost estimates are around $380,0000 annually. Under a fractional ownership agreement, these are taken over by a management company like Volato.

    Instead of paying maintenance costs as you go, you pay a monthly management fee that rolls all operational expenses into one consistent monthly cost. The monthly management fees are staggered according to share, starting at $20,950 for owners with 1/8th of a share.

    How does the Gulfstream G280 price compare to similar models in its class?

    There are two main competitors to the Gulfstream G280 jet in the super mid-size class: the Bombardier Challenger 350 and the Embraer Praetor 600.

    Depending on year and add-ons, new models of all three super mid-size jets cost between $20 million and $25 million.

    Gulfstream G280: The super mid-size private jet of choice among globetrotters.

    Since its release in 2011, the Gulfstream G280 has easily emerged as the industry-leading super mid-sized jet. With its impressive performance, range, and meticulously designed interiors, the G280 is an unparalleled in-flight experience.

    Whether opting for full ownership, a fractional share, or simply chartering, the G280 is the quintessential choice for larger parties, more cabin space, and range.

    For frequent flyers, businesses, and individuals who prioritize comfort and privacy, the G280 stands out.

    Interested in learning more about Volato’s new fleet of Gulfstream G280s? Contact our team today.

    Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only. Volato is not responsible for omissions or inaccuracies in such information, or for data that is no longer accurate due to delay, change in law, rules, or regulations.