Navigating the Gulfstream G280 Interior: A Cabin at the Top of It’s Class


Dec 31, 2023

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    Gulfstream has completely reimagined the comforts possible in the skies with the launch of the Gulfstream G280 interior design. With zone-specific climate controls, bespoke premium materials in the G280 interior, and nonstop connectivity, this cabin has been specially designed to support your mission, no matter where it takes you.

    From nose to tail, this guide takes you through the exacting features that make the cabin of the G280 so compelling — features that make you almost wish you never had to land at all.

    Jet Boarding

    Gulfstream G280 Performance, Specifications, and Features


    Maximum Range 3,600 nm
    High-Speed Cruise Mach 0.84
    Takeoff Distance 4,750 ft
    Maximum Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft


    Passenger Capacity 10 seats (sleeps up to 5)
    Cabin 935 cu ft
    Baggage capacity 120 cu ft
    Wingspan 63ft

    Luxury Features of the Gulfstream G280

    Seating Premium leather, fully adjustable executive seats (six + four configuration)
    Amenities Full galley, lavatory, full-size closet
    Baggage capacity 120 cu ft
    Climate Controls Air Ionization System, low altitude pressurization
    Connectivity Ka-Band, Switch BroadBand, Gogo Biz

    Gulfstream G280 Interior Layout

    With the longest cabin in the super mid-size jet class, the Gulfstream G280 interior can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers and sleep up to five with the optimized six-and-four configurations. Other interior layouts offer expanded meeting space, an upgraded galley, or a spacious divan.

    With enough cabin space for two complete living areas, you can dine, meet, entertain, or relax in two separate areas. Plus, no matter the Gulfstream G280 interior layout, every single jet has an entire galley, a large baggage area, an additional full-sized closet, and a bright lavatory.

    Speaking of the lavatory, the G280’s unique design provides two bright windows on either side of this space. Unlike the cramped, uncomfortable bathrooms on commercial liners, the G80’s bathroom comes fully equipped and feels open and airy in comparison.

    Luxurious Jet Interior

    Interior Amenities and Features

    The Gulfstream G280 interior is one of this jet’s key differentiators among its super mid-sized competitors. Artfully outfitted with premium materials, from soft leathers to luxury wood veneers, and equipped with the most advanced entertainment and climate systems, this is what luxury travel should always feel like.

    Entertainment Systems

    The Gulfstream cabin has HD monitors, Blu-ray/DVD players, and the Gulfstream’s CabinView system that displays moving-map flight information. Certain aircraft may come equipped with upgrades, including monitors for each seat, XM satellite radio, and a choice of SwiftBroadband or, in the case of Volato’s fleet of G280s, in-cabin Wi-Fi.

    Helpfully, passengers have complete control over the entire entertainment system through Gulfstream’s iOS-compatible Cabin Management System app.

    Climate Controls

    Part of the appeal of this super mid-size jet is its advanced climate controls. The cabin deploys an advanced Air Ionization System that eliminates pathogens and allergens to ensure a clean and healthy environment filled with 100% fresh air throughout every mission.

    Perhaps more noticeably, the cabin is kept at a cool 7,000 ft. pressurization, even on missions hitting up to 45,000 ft. It’s a cabin specially designed to reduce jet lag and ensure you arrive feeling fully refreshed.

    Cabin Technology

    The G280’s cabin technology contains a broad spectrum spanning advanced climate controls, Wi-Fi and connectivity, and impressive entertainment and audio systems.

    Passengers can adjust lighting, audio levels, airflow, and more with the touch of a button or via the Gulfstream Cabin Management app. More impressive still is that it’s possible to adjust each seating area to customize the environment for every passenger.

    Luxurious Seating

    These aren’t the cabin seats you’ve come to expect in business class. The G280 executive seating is the epitome of comfort. These are bespoke and fully adjustable leather chairs designed to make even the longest flight seem all too short.

    The G280 Private Jet Interior Design vs. Competitors

    Whether you are comparing against the Praetor 600, the Challenger 350, or the Cessna Citation Sovereign, you’ll notice a lot of overlap in private jet interior design features, especially within the super mid-size jet category. All will have full-sized galleys and lavatories; most will have at least partially accessible baggage during flight; and many will have in-flight connectivity.

    What separates the top-end features of the Gulfstream G280 from the rest of the pack in the super mid-size jet class is that Gulfstream doesn’t just pick and choose from this list of premium features. It has seamlessly incorporated all of these features and then some into the industry’s most comfortable and equipped cabin.

    Even the size and shape of the fuselage play a role, considering the G280 has the tallest and longest cabin in its class. Plus, the climate controls are top-notch, all managed via Gulfstream’s Cabin Management System app, which can be controlled on a per-zone basis.

    For those flying for business, there are two separate spaces compatible with meetings and work, and the cabin maintains ongoing connectivity through several channels. When it’s time to put the work down, the cabin transforms with cocktail tables served by a fully stocked galley. A spacious and bright lavatory and a full-size closet ensure the interior has everything passengers need for long-haul flights.

    Feature Gulfstream G280 Praetor 600 Challenger 350 Cessna Citation Sovereign
    Cabin Space 935 cu. ft. 1100 cu. ft. 930 cu. ft. 571 cu. ft.
    Cabin Height 6’1” 6’ ft. 4’10” 5’7”
    Passengers 10 12 10 12
    Sleeps 5 4 3 4
    Amenities Full Galley
    Full-Size Closet
    Full Galley
    Full Galley
    Refreshment center
    Connectivity Ka-Band
    Gogo Biz
    Gogo AVANCE
    4G ATG Internet
    Optional US and worldwide in-flight internet
    Cabin Controls Wireless via Cabin Management System Touchscreens throughout cabin Wireless via Cabin Management System Wireless via Cabin Management System
    Baggage 120 cu. ft. Accessible during flight 155 cu ft.Partially accessible during flight 106 cu. ft. Accessible during flight 35 cu ft. Accessible during flight, 100 cu. ft. external compartment

    Gulfstream G280 Interior FAQs

    Does Gulfstream G280 have a bathroom?

    Not only does the G280 have a bathroom, but it also boasts the largest lavatory in its class. It is fully equipped with all the comforts you’ll need in the air.

    You’ll find subtle and tasteful design elements throughout the lavatory, which has been carefully designed to feel spacious, with two bright windows on either side, a comfortable in-lavatory seat, a lighted mirror, and a floor-to-ceiling door for privacy. Plus, it is a first-in-class vacuum lav, which ensures cabin air stays fresh.

    How many seats does a Gulfstream G280 have?

    The Gulfstream G280 interior layout comes in four distinct configurations, which can seat up to ten passengers and sleep up to five. Volato’s fleet comes with a six-and-four layout, with ten executive leather seats spread out over two distinct cabin living spaces.

    What is the smallest Gulfstream jet?

    In Gulfstream’s current aircraft roster, the G280 is the smallest jet in production. But, not that long ago, there were smaller models of Gulfstreams, which are still available on the pre-owned market.

    The smallest jet that Gulftsream ever produced was the G150, manufactured between 2005 and 2017. As a mid-size jet, this model could accommodate upwards of eight passengers plus two crew and had a range just shy of 3,000 nm. In comparison, the G280 was launched in 2009, can comfortably seat ten passengers (plus two crew), and can fly up to 3,600 nm.

    What are the standout features of Gulfstream G280’s interior?

    Hands down, the standout Gulfstream G280 interior specs all revolve around the ultra-comfortable in-flight cabin environment.

    First, the cabin maintains a comfortable 7,000 ft. pressurization, even when the jet hits altitudes of up to 45,000 ft. This helps passengers relax and land at their destination feeling refreshed.

    Second, the specialized Air Ionization System ensures passengers never breathe recycled air. Instead, 100 percent fresh air is pumped throughout the aircraft after all pathogens and allergens are eliminated.

    Third, thanks to the whisper-quiet engines and the unique shape of the aircraft frame, the cabin stays ultra-quiet throughout the flight. Host colleagues, hold meetings, or get some much-needed rest — a quiet cabin makes it all possible.

    What advanced technologies are integrated into the cabin?

    Beyond the climate controls mentioned above, Gulfstream has packed the G280 cabin with advanced entertainment tech. This means passengers retain control over zone-specific changes to lighting, airflow, and audio.

    With HD screens, in-cabin connectivity, DVD players, Blu-ray compatibility, and impressive audio speakers embedded throughout — what’s not to love?

    Whether you are flying for pleasure and demand an ultra-comfortable and completely controllable cabin environment or traveling for business and need a suite of advanced technologies at your fingertips to get the job done, the technology packed into the G280 delivers.

    Is the Gulfstream G280 interior designed for long-haul comfort?

    The Gulfstream G280 may be the smallest jet currently under production in the Gulfstream lineup, but it doesn’t skimp on long-haul comforts. Missions can reach upwards of 3,600 nm, which means it’s possible to fly coast to coast and, in some cases, even cross-Atlantic.

    But even on the longest flights, the cabin maintains a low 7,000 ft. pressure, and the Air Ionization System pulls in 100 percent fresh air the entire time. With room to stretch out and sleep, passengers feel completely refreshed by the time they land at their destination.

    How does the G280 interior compare to other Gulfstream models?

    As the smallest jet in the current Gulfstream production line, the key difference between it and the other models is the total cabin size. Other models can accommodate progressively more passengers, up to 19 in the G700 and G800 models, and typically have more cabin living spaces.

    The G700, in particular, is designed with up to five cabin spaces, which help separate dining, sleeping, and entertainment zones.

    Otherwise, all Gulfstreams, including the G280, come fully loaded with bespoke premium touches, tailored design, advanced cabin technologies, and amenities — no matter the class.

    Can the G280 interior be adapted for business meetings?

    Every configuration of the G280 comes ready for your next in-flight meeting. Volato’s fleet has been configured in six-and-four seating layouts to offer two separate cabin spaces to help you stay focused, no matter who you travel with.

    With adjustable tabletops in each passenger zone, you’ll find more than enough room to spread out your notes, set up your laptop, and get down to business. With advanced entertainment tech embedded throughout, including HD monitors, electrical ports, and inflight Wi-Fi, your next deal could be just one flight away.

    Luxury features of the Gulfstream G280: Designed for Long Haul Comfort

    The Gulfstream G280 sets a high bar in the super mid-size jet category, offering owners and guests unmatched luxury and performance. Its superior interior design, spacious seating for up to ten passengers, and advanced climate control ensure a comfortable journey during every nautical mile.

    The G280 interior layout offers a unique blend of luxury, spaciousness, and technology, making it an ideal choice for business and leisure. For those seeking an extraordinary flying experience, the Gulfstream G280, available now for pre-sale and 2024 delivery, represents the pinnacle of cross-continental private aviation.

    Are you ready to experience the Gulfstream G280 in person?

    Let us help you get there.

    Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only. Volato is not responsible for omissions or inaccuracies in such information, or for data that is no longer accurate due to delay, change in law, rules, or regulations.

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