Three fundamental business travel tips for your next mission.


Jan 28, 2024

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    Globally, there are 445 million business trips a year, with corporate travelers making up a full twelve percent of total air passengers. Whether it’s for in-person events, contract negotiations, professional development, or client meetings, more executives and corporate travelers are taking off than ever before. 1 2

    For those with a packed corporate schedule hopping between cities, clients, and contracts, there are easy ways to simplify your professional life to make every trip more efficient and productive. With years of experience serving business travelers, we suggest keeping the following business travel tips in your back pocket.

    Tip #1: Book private jets for corporate travel.

    In the words of American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” It’s an adage we find directly applicable to corporate travel.

    Because as much as the end goal of the trip may be waiting at the destination, there is a lot to get done on the voyage itself. Pivoting from business class to private jet gives you the space, amenities, and support you need at every step of the journey.

    Save time in transit

    Flying private is more time efficient than a commercial flight. Even with a business class ticket and TSA PreCheck® on your side, the check-in time at a private airport serving private charters is undeniably shorter. Instead of hours, it takes minutes.

    With a dedicated team serving you at take-off and again upon landing, the time you’d waste navigating the lineups and delays of a commercial carrier is drastically reduced, if not eliminated entirely.

    Join jet card and membership programs

    You can still snag frequent flier perks while flying private. Whether you’re part of our Volato Insider Program or a Fractional Owner, our clients reap world class benefits as soon as they become part of the Volato™ family. From preferred rates to premium partner exclusives to revenue shares, our programs go far beyond points.

    Enjoy streamlined travel logistics

    Never deal with commercial carriers again with the aid of our dedicated Experience Concierge team. We handle all the planning, from long before you take off to well after you land. Whether you’re making the booking yourself or we work with someone on your team, we ensure a streamlined experience from the very first moment we connect.

    Business traveler

    Use concierge services

    According to business travelers, the ride to and from the airport is one of the most tiring parts of the mission. Why not let us tackle all the frustrating elements of your trip?

    Whether it’s scheduling a car to meet you at a destination, planning the in-flight menu, or setting up a luggage service to take over the transportation of golf bags or skis, we can help.

    Deploy cabin amenities designed for executives

    Imagine what you could accomplish in an aircraft cabin designed for productivity. Private jet interiors are just that. They come with areas for work, play, and relaxation. Spread out your paperwork and connect to Wi-Fi, or readjust and dim the lights for an overnight trip — as a passenger on a private jet, you are in charge of your in-flight destiny.

    Tip #2: Maximize your productivity on business trips.

    Executive jet setters have their travel game perfected, balancing on-the-ground meetings with leisurely meals and local explorations, all while still meeting the demands of the office back home.

    But not everyone is on their A-game on business trips. You aren’t alone if you’ve lost time navigating public airport lineups, experienced costly flight layovers, or felt frustration trying to connect to your team while out of the office.

    With these common annoyances in mind, here are a few business travel tips to make your time away that much more productive:

    Create a mobile office setup

    Nobody wants to work crammed on a fold-down table on the back of a seat. Take the time to create a mobile workstation, if not on your private flight, at least at your accommodation.

    As soon as you’ve settled at your destination, set up your portable monitor, laptop stand, keyboard, and notebooks — and keep them set up. A mobile workstation creates the space in your room and in your mind to get down to business, with no time wasted setting up or dismantling.

    Private jet corporate travel tips

    Stay connected with remote teams

    Corporate traveling doesn’t mean the rest of the world waits. Check-in with your travel concierge contact before you take off. Many private jets come equipped with advanced entertainment and connectivity, meaning you can stay plugged in and productive even while flying at 40,000 feet.

    And if you haven’t already, you’ll want to introduce your business to cloud-based tools that streamline all communications, documents, and processes — no matter where you or your team are working from.

    Take advantage of in-flight time

    Short on time? Why not hold that critical meeting during the flight? The interior of many private jets, like the HondaJet, have workstations and seat configurations that easily support in-flight meetings between two to four people.

    There is plenty of room to pull out paperwork and set up laptops. Conducting business during transit means you’ll save valuable time on the ground for the next stage of the trip.

    Tip #3: Packing smart for business travel.

    The art of packing efficiently and quickly can transform your travel experience. From packing light to luggage upgrades to night-before routines, these business travel packing tips will change how you approach your next corporate trip.

    Take a carry-on only

    The single most valuable tip for business travel is to master the art of flying with carry-on luggage only. Even if you’re not the one handling your bags, the more you bring with you, the more time it takes to organize and move it all.

    Pack smart and pack light with packing cubes, slick garment bags, and clothing items that work for both business and casual events. And remember, when you fly on a private jet, you never have to worry if there is overhead space for your bags.

    Pre-pack the essentials

    If you travel frequently, even once a month, you’ll want to keep your travel bag ready. There is no need to constantly pack and unpack the core items that come with you everywhere.

    Start by keeping a toiletries kit stocked with minis, a designated wallet for travel documents and ID, and your mobile office setup components ready to go. With these in the bag, you’re already halfway out the door.

    Packing suitcase to travel

    Organize important documents

    Store all mission-critical documents, like ID, passport, boarding pass, and corporate credit card, together. Staying organized like this saves the last-minute panic scrambling for it right before you walk out the door. Or worse, after you arrive at the airport.

    Be Charged and Ready
    Remember to charge all your electronics the night before. Nothing is as frustrating as having your phone die during check-in. Plus, you probably won’t have time to charge your tablet while jetting from the airport to your first meeting. Learn from the mistakes of the executives who have flown before you: The night before you take off, charge everything.

    Upgrade your luggage

    You’ve put it off for long enough. Now is the time to upgrade your luggage. Premium luggage is not only a statement, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of constant travel and rough handling, ensuring that personal belongings are protected.

    Need a recommendation? Volato™ Fractional Owners and Insider Members now benefit from exclusive offers from our growing list of Partners, including Sterling Pacific. These are high-end, fully aluminum travel cases crafted from 5052 aluminum and Italian leather. Sterling Pacific produces carry-on and full-sized pieces with an obsessive attention to detail and designed to last for the long haul.

    Upgrade your next business trip.

    It’s time to change the way you approach corporate travel.

    Skip the lines and layovers by pivoting from business class to private charter. Boost your productivity by holding meetings at 40,000 feet and stay connected. Pack lighter and smarter with upgraded luggage and stick with a carry-on only.

    Finally, let Volato’s Experience Concierge team iron out the details from pre- and post-flight transportation to luggage services to stocking the galley bar. We cater to the executive traveler. We ensure you have the tools and amenities to remain productive, even while jumping from one destination to the next.

    Are you ready to upgrade your corporate travel game? Then it’s time to Fly Volato.

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