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The world’s most advanced, comfortable, luxury light jet

HondaJet’s innovative design which features an over-the-wing engine mount unlocks a larger, quieter cabin and increases the aircraft’s top speed. It is the farthest and highest-flying aircraft in its class, able to soar over weather and traffic while delivering the greatest fuel efficiency.


Experience a level of luxury and comfort like no other light jet.

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Welcome to the world’s most innovative private aviation company
that offers the most efficient, friendly, and rewarding solutions in
luxury private jet travel.









We’re here to make travel enjoyable again.

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What people are saying

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“Now a month into joining Volato, we have had an awesome experience. It’s leagues above the competition. The concierge, the pilots, everyone is so personable. You guys have done a great job of creating a ‘family’ culture out of the Volato team. If you guys can keep that up as you scale, you will be unbeatable!”

Micah S., CIO at S2F Capital in Georgia

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“As a long-time private jet user, I’ve seen my fair share of the industry, and I cannot say enough good things about Volato and their team. They continue to go above and beyond my expectations. I’ve even referred multiple friends and family, as a result.”

Marc A., founder at Angelo Group in Florida

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“Volato solved multiple flying issues for me! I finally have a jet option that’s wife-approved and I don’t have to spend excess on a larger jet, the Honda is perfect!”

Robert G., owner at G4 Mgmt in Texas

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“The flight was incredibly smooth and the HondaJet handled Long Island skies well, despite its small stature. And even with three full- size passengers in the cabin, there was still plenty of room to maneuver.”

Thomas P., Aviation reporter at Business Insider in New York

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