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The Gulfstream G280.

The Gulfstream G280* is the super-mid jet category leader for missions with up to ten passengers traveling up to eight hours.


The ultimate luxurious, spacious, and comfortable cabin experience.

The Gulfstream G280's revolutionary design and engine technology deliver an ultra-quiet cabin experience with impressive fuel efficiency to reduce operating costs and environmental impact.


This super mid-size jet is certified for steep approaches, short runways, high-altitude landings, and low-visibility conditions to take you to all your favorite destinations.



1-10 Passengers


Fastest Flying

Mach 0.84


Intercontinental Range

3,600 nm


Most Efficient Fuel


Largest Cabin

6’1” cabin height | 935 cu. ft. of interior space


Steep approach certified

Our most luxurious aircraft yet.

Ultra-comfortable cabin

Imagine stretching out in 935 cubic feet of cabin space, complete with 6-foot ceilings. With fresh air from the Air Ionization System and a cabin pressurized for a low-altitude environment, there has never been a more comfortable way to fly.


Superior in-flight amenities

The Gulfstream G280 features hot and cold pressurized water, full-length closets, a redesigned lavatory with windows for natural light, and a large galley crafted to serve your every need.

Designed for focus and relaxation

Natural light from 19 windows, whisper-quiet engines, and uniquely designed fuselage work together for one of the best-in-class cabin experiences. Whether you need to focus or rest, the Gulfstream G280 delivers.


A new era of performance.

Destination flexibility

Certified for steep approaches, the Gulfstream G280 is ideally suited for short runways, high-altitude airports and low-visibility conditions. With its advanced aeronautics systems, this jet opens up a world of possibilities.

glufstream destination flexibility
gulfstream fuel efficiency

Maximum fuel efficiency

A revolutionary new clean wing design lowers drag for faster speeds, hitting up to Mach 0.85, which maximizes fuel efficiency. An industry-leading efficiency which reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes environmental impact.

Safety first

From high-thrust engines to autothrottle and auto-brake systems to the industry-leading PlaneView280™ flight deck, every system in the Gulfstream G280 is designed with flight safety in mind.

gulfstream 280 safety

*Accepting pre-sales today for Gulfstream G280 delivery in 2024


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