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The HondaJet

The HondaJet is the light jet category leader for missions with up to four passengers, traveling up to three hours.


The world's most advanced, comfortable luxury light jet.

HondaJet’s innovative design which features an over-the-wing engine mount unlocks a larger, quieter cabin and increases the aircraft’s top speed. It is the farthest and highest-flying aircraft in its class, able to soar over weather and traffic while delivering the greatest fuel efficiency.

Experience a level of luxury and comfort like no other light jet.



1 - 4 Passengers


Fastest Flying

422 knots/ 485 mph


Highest Flying


Farthest Flying


Most Fuel Efficient

Sit back, stretch out, and relax

Settle into executive leather seats that both recline and extend, and enjoy more than seven feet of space between seats in the club configuration.


Raising the bar for fuel efficiency

The HondaJet’s modern engine flies higher, faster, and farther than similar aircraft while using less fuel, reducing CO₂ emissions and fuel cost.

Be immersed in sound, not noise

The cabin of the aircraft features exceptional level of tranquility, thanks to improved acoustic treatments enhances both relaxation and productivity.


Custom-crafted for comfort

Many of our aircraft include a full galley for in-flight refreshments, including a coffee brewing system and curated artisan snacks.

Fully enclosed lavatory

The lavatory features floor to ceiling doors for total privacy, includes automatic running water and two skylights.


Abundant luggage space

66 cubic feet of luggage space holds over 9 full-sized suitcases or 4 sets of golf clubs - the largest capacity in class.

Focused pilots

The Garmin flight deck features greater automation to lower pilot distraction and increase your safety.


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Contact our team today to learn more about our jet share, jet card, aircraft management, and charter programs.

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